Company Profile

CB Real Estate serves the real estate markets of Wattle Grove, Holsworthy, Hammondville, Moorebank, Chipping Norton, Voyager Point, Pleasure Point, and Sandy Point. We have survived many challenges along the way including a major fire at the Wattle Grove shopping plaza, a severe economic downturn, high interest rates and the plummeting of Sydney home prices.

Businessman and clothing mogul Ralph Lauren once said: “The key to business longevity is to keep doing what you do better than anyone else. We work real hard at that. It's about getting your message out to the consumer. It's about getting their trust”

This is exactly what we strive for at CB Real Estate, to be the best at what we do. We are proud sponsors of local sporting clubs, regular donators to hospitals and charities, and have assisted local individuals who have been down on their luck.

The CB Real Estate team are loyal, experienced, skilled, and take pride in where they work and the people they assist "We care about our team so they will care about you, the customer"

Technology has changed real estate services forever. We use it skilfully and purposefully to strengthen customer feedback, communication, property marketing and personalised notifications. We are always ready to jump on the next “Big Thing”

The Wattle Grove office is located in the busy Wattle Grove shopping. This is a vibrant neighbourhood shopping centre frequented by young families and professionals. Schools, childcare facilities recreational options as well as a fantastic sports club makes Wattle grove ideal for families 

It is fair to say that our team of seasoned professionals have influenced the popularity of buying selling and renting property in the unique suburbs of Wattle Grove, Holsworthy, Hammondville, Voyager Point, Pleasure Point, Sandy Point and Moorebank.

Our property management and real estate team at Wattle Grove and Moorebank love what they do. We are all close friends as well as colleagues. We celebrate together and support each other in difficult times. But in the end its you the customer who will benefit from our company culture, we would love to show you how.