Our Offices

CB Real Estate at Wattle Grove office. This is where it all began and where we provide the sales and marketing of residential properties and property management in South West Sydney and especially the property markets of Wattle Grove, Holsworthy, Hammondville, Voyager Point, Pleasure Point and Sandy Point.

With a convenient location in the vibrant Wattle Grove Shopping Centre, we see many families, professional and trades people arriving here to enjoy a coffee, eat a meal and socialise with friends. There is lots of parking and the positioning of our office provides strong visibility and lots of walk by traffic.

This ensures great exposure for all our listed properties during the day and the night.

Our Wattle Grove office has been part of the shopping centre for 18 years and despite a devastating fire in late 2005 which saw our office being gutted and the real estate business being run on the barest of resources,   we somehow survived, mostly due to some incredible staff who worked overtime. These incredible people were determined to be resilient and not see our agency go under.

Financially we kept our heads above water for two years whilst the shopping centre was rebuilt, it was a tough time but it seems we got the respect of many locals who even today associate us with being part of the fabric of the history of the Wattle Grove Shopping Centre.   

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