Soriah Dabbagh ' Lambrousis

Business Manager

Hello there!  my name is Soriah , Mariah with an S, I have lived in the local area for most of  my  life with my parents being unable to decide between  Sandy Point , Pleasure Point  and Voyager point . We have lived in all three now. These are fantastic suburbs to experience whilst growing up , caves and bush to explore at Sandy Point , being able to walk across the Voyager Point Footbridge and catch a train to Cronulla beach , Sunday picnics at Pleasure Point whilst watching passing boats on the Georges River.

When I was 16 my Dad offered me the opportunity to do work experience at his real estate agency. CB Real Estate at Wattle Grove is very busy, hectic, but with a really fun atmosphere.

It was a great introduction to the world of work and when I was 18 I began working two days a week assisting wherever it was required. Whilst I continued with my communications degree at University I also obtained my real estate certificate of registration.

The world of property management is a place where you never stop learning, I have worked very hard to pick up all  the skills to enable me to perform all the tasks required.

 I am a very good listener, I always let people explain their situation without interruption and I am infatuated with getting things done quickly and professionally so that either the landlord or the tenant can regain control of their environment.

Communication is also a priority for me particularly due to my university education, I will do everything to keep all parties informed, I assume that my clients want to know everything...this approach has worked well for me .I have met many different types of people and I have learnt to always keep an open mind and recognise that every person will present challenges and enjoyment.

My future goals are to continue my learning about property management and real estate as a whole. I want to obtain my Real Estate Licence, study for a bachelors’ degree in real estate   and strive towards being the best in the business.

I have now worked for CB Real Estate for a total of 9 years and my biggest inspiration is my Dad I admire him for his hard work, his courage and his knowledge. I am honestly not saying that though because he happens to be my boss.

I love that I am working with people who support me and motivate me, there is a quote I love, it says “Anytime you see a turtle up on top of a fence post, you know he has had some help.”

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